Adrian Hawley School of English

The School

Academia de inglés en Zaragoza

Adrian Hawley School of English is a language school dedicated exclusively to the teaching of English and, since it was founded in 1981, has always been located in Paseo de Sagasta, Zaragoza. It is, without doubt, one of the most consolidated and prestigious schools in the city. From the very beginning, we have made it our principle to constantly update and improve our methods without straying from our basic philosophy, the basis of which lies in our personalised approach to learning English. We have always believed that everyone is able to learn successfully given the right method, teaching staff and educational environment.

For more than 30 years we have helped and assisted thousands of people in their learning process and we believe we have the results to back up our approach.

Our students are now working in some of the most important companies in the world. We have one of the highest percentage pass rates in all English examinations and we have worked closely with some of the most important institutions and companies in Spain and the rest of the world.

We carefully select our teachers on the basis of the highest professional and personal criteria. We take into account their overall approach to teaching, the ability to build a friendly and constructive learning environment and how they respond to individual needs within the context of their own personal and professional growth.

We do not believe we have ‘the secret’ to knowing the language but we have total trust in our principles, our method, our teachers, and, above all in our students’ ability. We acknowledge their trust with our personalised approach which respects objectives, expectations and individual learning strategies.

Our extensive professional experience in this field will help you to establish and achieve your objectives. Every student is considered individually and we adapt to what you need to reach your goal. Our team of professionals will accompany you throughout your course whether you are in a group or in one-to-one. We are sure that we can transmit our passion for teaching because we utterly believe in what we do and, above all, we love it and so we think you will be at home with us while you learn.



e are more than aware of the importance English has in both professional and personal development. We believe whole heartedly in learning English in small groups of between 3 and 6 people. At all times you will have the teacher assigned to your group present and you will always be able to count on our acknowledged experience in responding to any help and doubts you might have. Whatever your objectives, we will adapt your course to your level and the time you need.

Additional activities


s we want you to make the most of your English course and as additional support, we organise extra activities every week. These might take the form of exam preparation classes, special needs sessions such as writing e-mails, drawing up curriculum vitaes or preparing for interviews and presentations in English and many more. It goes without saying that your speaking and conversation skills will also improve substantially. Every week there are several options available for different levels in the mornings and evenings.



drian Hawley School of English is a language school recognised by many prestigious institutions and is a member of most important associations in the language sector.

  • University of Cambridge Official Examination Preparation Centre
  • Examination Centre for Trinity College, London
  • Member of ‘Federación Aragonesa de Academias Privadas’
  • Member of ‘Confederación Española de Centros de Formación y Academias Privadas’
  • Member of ECOS
  • INCAFOR Quality mark for Language Schools